Metrolinx is undertaking the largest transportation investment in Ontario’s history to get you where you need to go better, faster, easier, while also operating GO Transit, UP Express and PRESTO. We have a unique opportunity to plan, build, operate and connect transportation in the Greater Toronto and Hamilton Area. When the Province of Ontario created Metrolinx as a new regional transportation agency in 2006, the challenges of under-investments in transit were mounting. Metrolinx was tasked to work with federal, provincial and municipal partners, the private sector and other stakeholders to create an integrated transportation system that would support a higher quality of life, a more prosperous economy and a healthier environment. Over the last decade, Metrolinx has delivered on our mandate to expand transit throughout the region. Since the release of the region’s first-ever transportation plan in 2008 (The Big Move), Metrolinx set out a common vision for the region and a guide of how to transform transportation here. Working toward that vision, we’ve increased the number of weekly train trips offered by GO Transit by 500%, added eight new stations to our network, extended our network by 70 kilometres, and added more than 13 million passenger trips a year. We also renovated 29 stations and added almost 22,000 parking spaces to our system. Adoption of our PRESTO card has tripled in the last five years, while UP Express now provides 3.5 million passenger trips per year and on-time performance to the airport runs at better than 98%. And our growth continues. Today, the expansion of transit in the Greater Toronto and Hamilton Area is one of the largest concentrations of infrastructure projects in North America. By 2041, more than 10 million people will live in our region—comparable to Paris or London. Metrolinx continues working towards delivering an integrated, regional transportation system with a mix of buses, streetcars, light rail, heavy rail and subways that will serve the needs of residents and businesses for years to come. With the release of the 2041 Regional Transportation Plan, we are mapping out our future vision of how we plan to connect communities and cities.