Maple Leaf Foods is a leading consumer packaged food company, headquartered in Toronto with operations across Canada and in the United States, Asia and Mexico. We make high quality, great tasting, nutritious and innovative food products and are proud to have our leading, national brands such as Maple Leaf, Schneiders™, and Maple Leaf Prime Naturally™, and other brands including , Shopsy’s™, Mitchell’s Gourmet Foods™, Burns™, and Hygrade™. We believe high-quality protein is the foundation for healthy, growing bodies, so we prepare simple, delicious protein to nourish Canadian families. We only use our premium meats and just the right amount of salt. We declare all ingredients and nutritional information prominently on the package, so you can read it. We only use natural ingredients. When consumers want an ingredient not regulated as natural, we promise only to use a real and simple alternative, and we will highlight it.

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