Gutter Depot – The Official Dealer of LeafGuard Eavestroughs. Serving Homeowners in Toronto, GTA, & Surrounding Areas. We are Ontario’s leading eavestrough and gutter service provider that specialize in cleaning, repair, installation, and maintenance of your home eavestrough and gutter systems. Our high-quality system is the highly effective LeafGuard gutter system. Its patented seamless, one-piece design gives it a stark advantage to that of similar product. The debris shedding hood ensures that your eavestroughs stay clog-free throughout the year and that you stay off the ladder. In addition to the debris-shedding hood, our eavestrough system also employs extra-large downspouts that allows for the expedient removal of water through your system as it is redirected away from your home. The LeafGuard slogan of “Get it and Forget it!” is in place for a reason. Simply put, once the LeafGuard system is installed on your home, you’ll never have to worry with gutter maintenance during the systems lifespan!

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