Shantero Productions Inc., established in 1981 by Terry and Annette McRae, is a concert promotion company, concentrating primarily on entertainers with long-standing and entrenched careers in the business; most of whom are Canadian and have earned, or are in the process of achieving, incredible prestige in the eyes of both their peers and their fans. Long associations with such entertainers as Ron James, John McDermott, The Barra MacNeils, Quartette, Bruce Cockburn, and Derek Edwards have helped to establish the company as one with a worthy reputation for integrity, candor, and a high quality of product and service in the industry. Due to their association with “Shantero”, many of the artists and entertainers on the roster have completed extended and successful concert tours in most parts of Canada. With an additional client list that has included such names as Ian Tyson, John Prine, Stuart McLean, Rita MacNeil, Lorne Elliott, Great Big Sea, Susan Aglukark, Steve Patterson, and Matt Andersen the reputation of the company’s performance has remained tenacious. Shantero’s malleability has also been illustrated with such shows as Sharon, Lois & Bram, Ballet Jörgen’s The Nutcracker, Second City National Touring Company, and Royal Canadian Air Farce.

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